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Civil Engineering

The training in Civil Engineering aims to acquire a multidisciplinary training and high level to cover the field of design and construction of buildings based on the latest scientific and technological methodologies. For the preparation of curricula of the new formation of Civil Engineering, a scientific approach has been adopted, it is the method of skills. In this approach, the first step is to determine the potential of the proposed options based on industrial demand and forecasting future demand in the labor market training. In this step, it was agreed that the engineer Civil Engineering proposed should master on the one hand the design of structures (buildings, art works, roads, ...) and on the other the realization of these structures and know the basic principles of the new implementation of these methods works. Then, the second step is to specify the areas of Engineering in Civil Engineering to establish the essential knowledge they need. Indeed, in every field of activity, the engineer Civil Engineering, to accomplish its mission, is brought to the trades and perform tasks that require knowledge. This can be translated in the form of modules and prerequisites of teaching that can vary in the degree of knowledge or control. The degree of knowledge of these modules and the prerequisites will allow the establishment of a curricula for training an engineering Civil Engineering.