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Mechanical Engineering

Objective of the training

IIT’s graduate program of Mechanical engineering coaches students to achieve cutting-edge activities. Learning is not only theoretical but also gives access to practice in real life situations. Our students work on study cases, which are typically professional.

The sessions organized in laboratories and the different workshops inserted in their cursus provide them with the different necessary tools to get the perfect training and create effective profiles to conceive systems of mechanical engineering.

IIT has an industrial support that enables an access to different mechanical equipment. The students have the chance to put into practice their knowledge while conceiving and creating a new product. This is possible through the different trainings, the projects of the 4th and 5th years design projects as well as the graduation project.

Among the objectives of the mechanical engineering program:

  • Master the concepts and techniques of applied mathematics.
  • Master the notions of fundamental sciences pertinent to engineering.
  • Master a method of applying based on notions related to sciences and technologies of mechanical engineering.
  • Master the procedures of conceiving equipment and processes.
  • Familiarize with projects management and production management.
  • Develop the necessary skills for research and development.
  • Know the techniques of prevention and maintenance.
  • Have the necessary principles for the establishment of quality insurance program.
  • Improve the soft skills.


Areas of aimed activities

The program of mechanical engineering aims to train students for industries, the public sector, research and development organisms and in engineering consulting firms.

The tasks of a mechanical engineer are diverse: studying projects, conceiving/designing machines, research and development work organization, production and maintenance, administration and management of factories etc….

Description and organisation of the diploma


 During three years, the training of the mechanical engineer deals with the following themes:

- Mechanical design

- Mechanical manufacturing

- Mechanics of materials and structures

- Energy and mechanics of fluids

- Maintenance and control

- Electric and automatic industrial

Beyond the scientific skills, there are lectures that enable students to develop soft skills such as:

- Communication

- Team work

- English and French

- Entrepreneurial culture

Organisation of the diploma 

First Year


GM1: mathematics and instrumentation.

GM2: Algorithmic and programming languages.

GM3: General economics and human rights.

GM4: Languages

GM5: Mechanical Design

GM6: Thermodynamics and mechanics of solids.

GM7: Materials and machining processes.


Second Year


GM1: Mechanic design 

GM2: Materials and mechanical manufacture

GM3: Fluid mechanics and finite elements

GM4: Operational research and data analysis 

GM5: Electric and automatic industrial 

GM6: Language and communication



Third Year


GM1: Energy and thermal machines

GM2: Production management and CFAO

GM3: Electronics and control of machines

GM4: Languages