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Industrial Engineering

Objective of the training

The program of Industrial Engineering allows students to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for the analysis and design of production systems, their components and their interactions. It prepares future industrial engineers to intervene in the production function, in manufacturing or services. Moreover, it makes the future graduates able to actively participate in a company that enters the era of industrial automation through the use of new technologies, including computers, CAM, robotics and programmable automation.


Areas of aimed activities

Whatever is the activity, the industrial engineer should:

- Plan and design the production systems of goods and services: select the processes or machines, design the plan layout, determine the spaces required, and methods of storage and the selection of equipment.

- Plan and design the distribution networks: the location of warehouses, the choice of the means of transport, the ways of delivery, and the quantities of products to keep in stock.

- Apply ergonomic principles in the design of workstations: the adaptation of the machines, the characteristics of the human control of the environment (noise, heat, dust, lighting etc..).

- Check the methods of manufacturing or work performance: determination of the order of work items, delete or combine elements of work.

- Measure the work: determination of standard times using different techniques.

- Establish preventive maintenance systems.


Description and organisation of the diploma

First Year


♦ MG1 : Mathematics for engineers I

♦ MG2 : Mathematics for engineers II

♦ MG3 : Programming Atelier

♦ MG4 : Corporate management

♦ MG5 : Bibliographic project

♦ MG6 : Electrical machinery

♦ MG7 : Applied Thermodynamics

♦ MG8 : Industrial Processes


Second Year


♦ MG1 : Thermal machines

♦ MG2 : Electronics and automation PW

♦ MG3 : Methods and design tools

♦ MG4 : Industrial systems engineering I

♦ MG5 : Simulation of industrial systems

♦ MG6 : Financial management

♦ MG7 : Analysis and design of information systems

♦ MG8 : Expression and communication


Third Year


♦ MG1 : Option 1 Management of industrial systems

♦ MG1 : Option 2 Financial engineering

♦ MG1 : Option 3 Numerical Methods in Finance

♦ MG2 : Energy Strategy

♦ MG3: Management of major projects

♦ MG4 : Information and decision support systems

♦ MG5 : Information and decision support systems

♦ MG6 : YEP