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Computer Engineering

The program is specially designed to give future computer engineer-depth teaching of computer and sound knowledge in the fields of computing, electronics and communications. The engineer will be able to plan and manage industrial projects technical and economic, social, environmental and industrial safety. To our knowledge, this program with a triple focus, computer, electronics and communications, is unique in Tunisia. The first experiment in the world has been launched by the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières, with whom we have a partnership, has launched the first experience of this program in the world.

Objective of the training

This training's aim is to enable future computer engineers to integrate knowledge and skills related to both hardware and software in order to find efficient, profitable and socially acceptable solutions to many problems and business projects .

Areas of aimed activities

This diploma allows the performance of various functions for example:

♦Network and Systems Administrator

♦Maintenance of systems and networks


♦Assistant in planning stationary and mobile networks