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Professional Master of Project Management

Every manager charged with managing project sand must acquire the necessary skills to refine his management efficiency. In fact, managing projects is a process aiming at structuring, assuring and optimizing the project’s development. To fulfill this, the manager must have skills including planning, scheduling, executing and using the necessary tools in order to control risks, motivate his team while keeping the interests of permanent parties. The ultimate goal is to have a result that comply with quality standards in terms of cost and within determined time limits


Objectives and horizons


In the IIT, the program of the Professional Master in Projects Management aims at improving BAs' and engineers’ training level in a way that allows them to assume management responsibilities in their enterprises. In fact, they need to:


1• Develop an overwhelming vision and acquire the essential know-how to manage the company’s projects


2• Master the techniques, tools and projects management software.

3• Develop soft skills (leadership, communication,…) in order to manage teams efficiently.

4• Develop good understanding of the management methods and tools that are inexorably related to projects running (finance, accounting, human resources…).

Our goal is to train managers who master not only the techniques but also the projects management methods. IIT added value is to adapt the methods and the concepts taught in the national and international contexts in order to make them more relevant and applicable.


 Studies Duration:


B.A or similar diploma holders will have two-year training crowned by a Master in Projects Management


Mr. Mohamed Ghodhbane


      ♦  Vice president of TenStep EPM Tunisia (TenStep representative in the United States); Consultant & trainer; partner in the francophone Tenstep Project Management Professional PMP certificate; TenStep Project Manager certificate (TSPMTM) and others Senior Software engineer; National School of Computer Sciences (1999); more than 12 years of experience in the field of consulting and projects’ management

      ♦ Chef de projet ou d’unité de gestion de projets

Dr. Jamel Elgharbi


Ph D and Senior professor in Management Sciences at the University Of Littoral Côte d’Opale (France) Vice President elected by the committee of management experts at the University Of Littoral Côte d’Opale Secretary- General, an elected member in the scientific council of the University Of Littoral Côte d’Opale

Dr. Houcem Smaoui


Ph. D and MBA in Finance; obtained from the University of Laval (Canada) Professor at the Higher Institute of Commerce and Accounting in Bizerte and Ex-professor at the American University in Dubai and King Fahd’s University of Petroleum and Minerals (Dhahran) Ex- Consultant in risks management at Quebec Finance ministry

Mr. Abdessatar Mabkhout


Chartered Accountant, founding member and Price Waterhouse Coopers’ consultant - Tunisia Professor of accounting standards IAS / IFRS / US GAAP, auditing and accounting theories International Consultant and institutional finance analyst (World Bank, F.A.O.); Consultant to Tunisia’s stock exchange and CMF.

Dr. Achraf Ayadi


Ph D in Management Sciences of Telecommunications (and Management) from the University of Paris Sud (ex-INT Evry) Chartered in Finance and banking and Professor at the private university of law, economy and management in Paris Financial and economic analyst in different radio and TV channels (France 24, bbc arabic, Turkish TV speaking Arabic.)

Dr. Khammoussi Hlioui


Ph D in Accounting from the University of Reims, University of Economics and Management (France) Accounting Associate Professor at the University of Imam Muhammed Ben Saud KSA; and Ex-Professor at Sultan Qaboos University Ex-Head of Accounting Department at the University of Economics and Management of Sfax; Member in the National council of CES accounting certification

Mr. Vincent Caltabellotta


Senior lecturer of Organizations’ Psychology at the University of Angers (France); member in Business Leaders (France); Consultant to organization and management Certified in enterprises management in the IAE Nantes; working in the computing sector and providing new technologies-related services

Mr. Jean René Le-Bellec


Senior Professor at Nancy-University, Lorraine France Teacher at the Institute of Industrial Engineering Techniques (ITII), Lorraine France Teacher/ Consultant at the Training Center of Industry Apprentices Company Manager Advisor

Mr. Adel Ali


ATFP English Master Trainer – ESP and vocational English Specialist - Certified British Council TKT Modules – Holder of NEBS Management Diploma from Preston college

Lawyer Farhat Toumi


Lawyer in the Supreme Court, called to the Tunisian Bar, Head of Toumi & associates Cabinet Managing contentious matters in all Tunisian courts and providing advice in different branches of Business Law (International trade law, Tax law, Civil and Commercial contracts, arbitration, corporate law…)

Career Prospects:


Programs/ Projects coordinator Project’s Manager Expert in project management Expert in projects design Expert in projects follow-up and evaluation Expert or charged of thematic studies in projects management field Consultant