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Visit of Canadian Ambassador Her Excellency Carol McQueen to IIT


On the occasion of her visit to IIT, the Canadian Ambassador, her Excellency Carol McQueen admired the work done and testified as follows: "International Institute of Technology and International School of Business in Sfax: where students go to succeed "

Ambassador Carol McQueen was deeply impressed by the quality of education being offered to students attending Sfax's International Institute of Technology and International School of Business. A. Google club, women MBA students who speak perfect English and incubator opportunities that teach students the soft skills they need to make it in the real world are some of the amazing things witnessed by the Ambassador during today's visit. Inspired by the Canadian and North American model of education, these institutions reveal the dedication and commitment of Director Dr. Chafik Abid, a Tunisian-Canadian who studied at Laval University in Quebec. Here's to future collaboration!